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Recognizing Native Veterans

Native Americans have served in every major U.S. military conflict since the Revolutionary War, often at one of the highest rates per capita of any ethnic group. Yet, while many Native communities deeply respect and honor their servicemen, servicewomen, and veterans, their service and sacrifice has rarely been acknowledged on a national level. But that...

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Protecting Artifacts on Display

How an object is displayed in an exhibit can make all the difference, but is something that’s often overlooked by visitors. If an object isn’t carefully displayed, meaningful stories may be masked, or even worse, the artifact could become damaged. At Hoċokata Ti, staff put special attention on how objects are displayed in the Mdewakanton:...

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Understanding Wacipi Drum Groups

With the SMSC Wacipi taking center stage later this month, learn more about one of the most important parts of the SMSC’s largest event the drum groups.

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Understanding the SMSC Shield

You may have noticed the SMSC shield just about everywhere you look around the SMSC grounds including the newly painted water tower, but do you know what it is all about?...

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Summer Solstice

Throughout history, the year’s longest day of sunlight has been noted and celebrated by many cultures around the world. Summer solstice, which happens each year around June 21, is a time-honored tradition that brings a period of celebration worldwide.

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