Hoċokata Ṫi will be closed to the public on June 19th and 20th, 2024.

Dakota Corner

Protecting Artifacts on Display

How an object is displayed in an exhibit can make all the difference, but is something that’s often overlooked by visitors. If an object isn’t carefully displayed, meaningful stories may be masked, or even worse, the artifact could become damaged. At Hoċokata Ṫi, staff put special attention on how objects are displayed in the Mdewakanton:...

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Summer Solstice

Throughout history, the year’s longest day of sunlight has been noted and celebrated by many cultures around the world. Summer solstice, which happens each year around June 21, is a time-honored tradition that brings a period of celebration worldwide.

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Exploring the Maple Tapping Process: Past and Present

Did you know that the Dakota people have harvested maple sap for centuries? Originally, maple sap was harvested from groups of sugar maple trees (also known as sugarbushes) throughout Minnesota and areas with similar climates. The sap was collected between mid-March and mid-April. Dakota people would cut through the tree’s bark with an axe and...

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Native Women Leadership

This month, we celebrate Women’s History Month and the many contributions to society made by women throughout time. Here at the SMSC, we have many women leaders that help push the tribe forward. For example, Secretary/Treasurer Rebecca Crooks-Stratton not only serves on the SMSC Business Council, but also heads the SMSC’s Understand Native Minnesota campaign,...

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Dakota Moons

The moon is essential to life as we know it. Traditionally, the Dakota used the moon to determine the passing of time. A name was given to the moon each month to symbolize significant events that were important to survival and food gathering.

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