Hoċokata Ṫi will be closed to the public from June 12th through 22nd, 2024.

Holly Young

Holly Young is a Dakota beadwork artist with over eight years of experience in creating jewelry, moccasins, quillwork, cradleboards, and ledger art. She was born and raised on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota made up of both Dakota and Lakota communities. Holly has an undying passion for studying Native American beadwork/quillwork with a focus on traditional Dakota floral styles and designs. She is committed to preserving and sharing traditional art forms and lifeways of her people, which she accomplishes by teaching her daughter, her community, and other Dakota people. She honors her ancestors through revitalizing a lost art and sharing the accompanying stories. She affirms herself as a Dakota woman, mother, and artist by practicing Winyan Omniciye, the circle of sharing knowledge—what you learn, you give back.

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