We Are Water MN

Explore our connection to water through stories and experiences from Minnesota communities, in a traveling exhibit organized by the Minnesota Humanities Center.

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Wáżupi Wi: Final Harvest Moon

As we enter the month of October, Wáżupi Wi (Final Harvest Moon) marks the end of summer and signals that winter will soon be here. Traditionally in Dakota communities, if the first harvest of wild rice was a success, this was one last chance to harvest more. Wild rice once grew in abundance in present-day...

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Goats are baaack in Shakopee

If you’re driving County Highway 101 in Shakopee, you’ll likely see about 100 goats casually grazing at Memorial Park, just off the sidewalk. The goats will be short-term Shakopee residents for the next week, naturally eliminating buckthorn on the Indian burial mounds located at the park.

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Hocokata TI Tipi View

2300 Tiwahe Circle, Shakopee, MN 55372
Open Wednesday-Saturday from 9am-4:30 pm

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